What's So Great About Moroccan Gold?

What's So Great About Moroccan Gold?

1) Argan Oil makes for an amazing nighttime moisturizer, just one small drop is enough to keep your whole face hydrated throughout the night. Just in that one small drop you will begin to feel your skin become softer and smoother. But that doesn't limit you just to nighttime use, feel free to use it every morning as well!

2) Adding just 2-4 drops to your skin toner will help add natural nutrients to your daily routine. It gives your skin that natural glow and boost before moisturizing

3) Acne prone skin? No worries! Argan oil is very high in linoleum acid so if you're sick of the red inflammation caused by acne, just by using a few drops of Argan oil it helps with the appearance of acne.

4) It's not just amazing for your skin, but for your hair as well.This oil is non-greasy and is perfect for a leave in conditioner. It helps to tame fly-a ways, frizz and can even be used as an all natural heat protector when using styling tools on your hair.

5) By adding 2-3 drops into your palm and warming them gently with your hands, you then can then apply it to your problem areas to help avoid stretch marks. Argan oil helps to prevent unwelcoming stretch marks along with helping to improve the elasticity of the skin.

6) If you want a whole body moisturizer try adding a few drops of this oil to coconut oil to help with the relief of dry skin. Or if you just want an amazing all natural whole body moisturizer to keep your skin feeling smooth, try Beeyond Honey's organic all natural Argan Coconut Whip. Now you don't have the hassle about adding too much Argan oil or too little, we do all the hard work for you!


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