About Us

In April of 2013, we set up two honeybee hives in our backyard in an attempt to help save the bees from global crisis. A few years and twenty something hives later, Beeyond Honey was born.

Beeyond Honey 

Handcrafted in our little bee shack in Orchard Park, NY, our products are made by people (two sisters & many volunteers) & bees (hundreds of thousands of underpaid workers) who care about what you put on your skin. Our creations include raw honey & beeswax from our backyard hives, as well as the most essential organic ingredients for your body from nature. We've gone to extremes to bring you the best quality products motivated by our commitment to your well being and saving the honeybees. We're getting back to basics and eliminating all the extras you, me & the bees don't need. Enjoy the benefits of these amazing products and join us on our journey to save the honeybee. 

Keep up with the buzz through our other social media outlets and learn more about Beeyond Honey's support of restoring ecological agriculture through sustainable farming practices and saving the honeybee around the globe.

Created for the good of the honeybee and the consciousness of humankind, with love.