Created for the good of the honeybee and the consciousness of humankind, with love.

We are beekeepers and we sell honey and we also make salves, balms, therapeutic serums, body butters, scrubs and carry an entire organic line of facial skin care. 

All of the products we produce are organic. We use our own beeswax & honey, as well as butters, oils & essential oils as bases. No chemicals, no preservatives and no fillers are ever used in the production of our products. With our skin being the largest organ, we want people to have a good understanding of what they are putting on their skin & to know their ingredients. We believe the products we put on and absorb are just as important as what we eat & put in. We also make products based on request for issues/ailments such as psoriasis/eczema cream, acne cream and lupus to name a few.

Our mission is to bring awareness to the decline of the honeybees by promoting healthy ways of turning individual daily choices into a collective shift in our environment & overall health through organic methods & practices. The honeybee is essential to our food chain for the pollination of so many of the fruits & vegetables that we eat each day and additionally their wax & honey have so many natural and therapeutic benefits as well.